Dr. Kiran V. Marthak
     F.F.P.M. - Fellow, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, University of London, UK (1992)
     D.B.M. - Diploma in Business Management, Indian Merchant's Chamber, Mumbai, India (1988)
     M.D. - Doctor of Medicine , University of Bombay, India (1978)
     T.D.D. - Diploma in Tuberculous Diseases, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Bombay, India (1977)
     Director – Veeda Clinical Research , and Veeda Oncology Inc. August 2005.
     Vice-President Clinical Research and Medical affairs GSK, Sept 2004 to July 2005
     Vice-President, Medical Affairs & Clinical Research, R & D Centre, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, Gurgaon, India, since August 1999.
     Past : Presidential or consultant or managerial positions in- GSK, India of Central Laboratory – BARC, Belgium, Genetica Ltd, Orchid Healthcare
      Ltd, Pfizer Ltd, Tata Pharma, German Remedies Ltd., Hindustan Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis India Limited), British Pharmaceutical Laboratories,

     Selection of Biotechnology products for the company depending upon the demands for the various countries.
     Evaluation of Biotechnology products
     Guidance on Bioinformatics, Biogenetics, Genomics, Clinical studies and Regulatory activities for marketing the product

     Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, Grant Medical College, Bombay from 1973 to 1975.
     Clinical training to medical students from 1975 onwards.

     Consultant Physician practicing since 1981.
     Hon. Consultant Physician of Lions Club Clinic, Bombay.
     Consultant Physician on the panel of Life Insurance Corporation, Government of India.

     Conducted Phase I studies for NCEs
     Established one of the largest Phase - I unit in Delhi - Approved I Inspected by Regulatory Authorities of advanced countries- USA, UK, Germany,
      France. Brazil, Australia and South Africa
     In charge of Pharmacokinetic Laboratory for Bio-analytical work with all modern equipments e.g. LCMSIMS, HPLC, GCMS etc. The laboratory is
      inspected by major Regulatory Authorities of developed countries.
     Conducted clinical trials- Phase II studies with NCEs
    Responsible for selection of products for Novel Drug Delivery Systems
    Conducted Phase I to Phase III studies in Europe, USA, Germany. South Africa and Japan
    Established Centres of Excellence in India and Nepal
    Managing three cost centers with more than 130 people and with the budget of Rs. 120 crore.
    Conducted Phase III clinical trials with various research compounds including antidepressants, anthelmintic, antiprotozoal, local decongestant
      drops, chemotherapeutic agent, non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, etc.
    Phase IV clinical trials to assist Marketing Department.
    Organized 'Post Marketing Surveillance' in about 20,000 patients with the assistance of nearly 3,500 doctors.
    Monitoring Release Study of non-steroids anti-inflamatory drug in about 10,000 patients.
    Monitored Release Study of Beta-blocker in 7,000 patients.
    Phase II trials with research compounds in 12-bedded ward of one of the Municipal Hospitals of Bombay.
    Refresher's Course in Clinical Trials conducted by Dr. Cyril Maxwell of Clinical Research Services Ltd., London, U.K.
    Course on Scientific Report Writing and Public Speaking conducted by OTMA Ltd., London, U.K.
    Course on 'Good Clinical Practice' organized by Oxford Workshops, England, in 1990.
    Discussion with various Regulatory Authorities including USA, UK, China, South Africa, Australia, China and Japan .

     In-charge of Drug Monitoring for South-East Asia region
     Course of ' Crisis Management ' organized by The Centre for Pharmaceutical Medicine, England, 1990.

     Supervise submission of dossier to Health Authorities
     Close liaison with Drugs Controller (India).
    Dossier for registration USA, European countries, South-East Asian countries, Gulf countries, South Africa and Japan.

     Ethical and Scientific guidance in promotional literature, visual aids, etc.
     Launch of New Drugs in the market.
    Organized workshop on 'Anthroscopy' with live demonstration in Bombay in 1990.
     Delivered lectures on Drug Resistant Tuberculosis & Bioavailability at various places.
     Training of medical representatives.

   Course on ‘ Group and Effective Management ‘ conducted by University of Bradford, U. K.
   Course on Team Work and Leadership organized by Management Development Department of Hindustan Ciba-Geigy Ltd
   Course on 'Communication Skills' and 'Time Management' organized by Association of Medical Advisers to the Pharmaceutical Industry.
   Course on 'Finance for Non-Finance' conducted at the Tata Management Training Course Centre, Pune, October, 1988.
   Course on ' Issue Management ' in 1989.

     Fellow of the International College of Angiology, USA
     Fellow of the International College of Chest Physicians, U.S.A.
     Fellow of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, University of London.
     Fellow of Association of College of Chest Physicians, India

     Member of Royal Society of Health, U.K.
     Life member of Indian Chest Society
     Life member of Indian Society of Gastroenterology
     Member of Indian Pharmaceutical Society
     Ex-President, Association of Medical Advisers to the Pharmaceutical Industry, India
     Executive Committee member of the First and Second National Congress on Respiratory Diseases held in Bombay
     Co-chairman of the First International Congress of Community Psychiatry held in Bombay
     Co-chairman of the Session on 'Clinical Trials in Developing Countries' in the Conference of International Federation of Pharmaceutical
      Physicians held at Brighton, U.K. in June 1987.
     Member of Governing Body of Indian Chest Society (1987 - 1988).
     Organizing Secretary, Silver Jubliee Year conference, Association of Medical Advisers to the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1989
     Represented Association of Medical Advisers to the Pharmaceutical Industry (India) in 71" I.F.A.P.P meeting held in Spain, 1990
     Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, U.K.
     Co-chairman in the session on 'Special Problems in Developing Countries' in the 8`" International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine,
      Rome 1994
     Represented the Association of Medical Advisors to Pharmaceutical Industry in the 8'" International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine,

     Established 'Centre of Excellence' at Breach Candy Hospital, Bombay
     Organized workshops and lectures to promote Good Clinical Practice and patients education.
     Instrumental in Establishing Independent Ethics Committee as per guidance from U.S., F.D.A.
     Organized training programmes for radiology technicians, laboratory technicians for the projects
     Organized training programmes for medical representatives
     Organized seminars, conferences, lectures for various branches in medical field
     Delivered Lecture on Drug Laws in I.F.A.P.P conference, Stockholm, 1996 Delivered lecture on 'Scope of Clinical Research in India' London. Sep.,
     Conducted workshop on 'Patients Recruitment', London, Sep. 1997
     Conducted workshop on 'Good Clinical Practice' in Bombay, June 1998.
     Presented a paper on 'Clinical Research in India' at I.F.A.P.P Conference, Boston, USA, May 1998
     Member of IFAPP-executive committee since 1987.
     Delivered a talk on "Opportunities in the Indian Pharma and Biotech Industry" in Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, April 2004.
     Reviewer of Manuscript for The Journal of American College of Clinical Pharmacology

     'Best Clinician' award by 'College of Physicians of India' in 1995.
     'Contribution to Clinical Research' award from American Biological Institute.
     ' 500 Important Persons of the Century ' Award by American Biological Institute.
     Selected as Member of the ' Scientific Board ' of American Biological Institute 'Best Citizen of India' award, December 1999.

     Several publications in National & International Journals & Chapters on books